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Safety Week 2024 – Project Highlight: Confidential Client Beam Installation

The safety of our team and the integrity of the structure were our most important considerations in the installation of the new large W40X200, 45-foot-long beams for our confidential client in New England. This critical aspect of the project required meticulous coordination, comprehensive safety reviews, and logistical planning. Our team faced two primary concerns: Safeguarding the floor below and executing the erection of these massive members within an occupied active building without the aid of a crane.

To address these challenges, we devised an intricate plan that involved laying a 2×4 dunnage over the existing concrete beams and columns, topped with ¾” steel plates, to protect the existing slab, the active basement below and to distribute the added weight of the material and equipment. Given the enormous size, weight, and constraints on crane usage, we employed a specialized, heavy-duty rough terrain forklift for the erection process. The beams were maneuvered into the space using rigging and customized engineered forks to ensure precise placement from one end of the structure to the other.

Throughout the installation, we remained aware of the struck by hazards that were created by handling such large components in constraining area. In addition to the specialized rough terrain forklift, our team utilized four articulating boom lifts strategically positioned on each end to ensure exact placement and minimize risk. Despite the confined working space of just 3500 sq ft., our commitment to safety never wavered.

Through constant safety reviews, meticulous engineering of rigging plans, and seamless communication among our client, Barr & Barr, and the steel erector, the installation was executed flawlessly. It stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team, ensuring the safety and success of this complex project.

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