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Barr & Barr is pleased to announce the promotion of Matt Jacobs to the position of Senior Vice President and Project Executive

“Throughout his twenty-six-year career Matt has greatly exhibited the culture of Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty, the core values of Barr & Barr” says Keith Stanisce, President, and CEO of Barr & Barr.

During his tenure with the firm, Matt has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership, strategic vision, and unwavering dedication to our company’s goals and values. His extensive experience throughout the New England Region along with his insightful approach provides leadership to our employees, projects, and our clients. Matt is instrumental in driving the success of numerous projects and initiatives.

As Senior Vice President and Project Executive, Matt plays an important role in overseeing key projects and fostering innovation and excellence across the organization. With his proven track record of delivering results and inspiring teams, we are confident that Matt will excel in this new leadership position and continue to make invaluable contributions to Barr & Barr’s growth and success.

Please join us in congratulating Matt on this well-deserved promotion.

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