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Safety Week 2023: Begins at the top – Barr & Barr’s Executive Leadership

Tom LePage is Barr & Barr’s Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President and its Director of Operations for the Northeast Region. Throughout his lengthy career, Tom’s commitment to Safety as the top priority on his jobsites has never wavered. In fact, he’s held the highly coveted NYC Dept. of Building Licensed Site Safety Manager designation for almost 30 years!  New York City requires a Licensed Site Safety Manager on all major building projects, which are defined as new or demolition sites that are 15 stories or higher, and 100,000-0SF or greater. This designation must be renewed every three years and is extremely difficult to obtain. Tom’s dedication to the safety of all workers is evident each day – he walks the jobs and leads by example – constantly observing, correcting and teaching. His approach is not simply to enforce the rules, but to live by them.  As Tom says, “Safety is not only a priority for a week, it’s a 365 days/year commitment – one that is steady, uninterrupted and driven by deliberate care.” We are all grateful for the constant, unremitting safety leadership he’s provided throughout more than 32 years at Barr & Barr.

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