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A Message from Barr & Barr’s Corporate Safety Director, Reginald Shubert

Construction safety is a critical aspect of any project, and it is essential that every worker prioritizes safety on and off the jobsite.  As we celebrate safety week, we must remember that safety is not just a priority for one week; rather, it’s a value that should be upheld throughout the year.  Safety is continuous 52 weeks a year and we strive to make it a habit in our daily routines.

Construction can be very hazardous, and workers are exposed to various risk every day.  From working at heights to operating heavy equipment, the potential dangers are endless.  Therefore, safety must always be considered when executing any task from pre-con to substantial completion.  It is the tireless efforts of the Barr & Barr field staff, and our Subcontractor work forces to not take lightly or compromise safety for the sake of speed or convenience which keeps Barr & Barr’s established protocols and program successful.

We practice a “Safety Comes First” culture, even if it means slowing down or taking extra precautions.  We ingrain in our core values that safety is not about complying with regulations, it is all about looking out for one another’s wellbeing.  We must all take responsibility for safety and ensure that we work together to create a safe and secure work environment.

We recognize that safety is a team effort.  Every team member has a role to play in ensuring that everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.  This is why we maintain a culture that encourages all workers to speak up and report unsafe conditions or practices.

Let us use this Safety Week to thank the hard-working men and women of our field staff and contractors for not just making safety a buzzword, but a continuous way of life.

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