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UMass Lowell – South Campus Parking Garage

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UMass Lowell — South Campus Parking Garage, Lowell, MA

The South Campus Parking Garage features a five-story precast concrete open-air parking facility built on the existing Riverview surface parking lot. The structure accommodates 762 passenger vehicles and houses equipment storage, mechanical space, stair and elevator towers, a glass-enclosed lobby and a full security system featuring CCTV cameras, call assistance stations and vehicle and pedestrian card access systems.


Number of Spaces: 762
Schedule: 10 months
Contract Type:Construction Manager-at-Risk
Owner: UMass Lowell (UMBA project)
Architect: Walker Parking Consultants


UMass Building Authority (UMBA) funded project.

Astute planning for adjusted enabling infrastructure and coordinated site access to ensure timely construction sequencing.

Investigation and hazardous materials survey to verify service locations and expose hidden subsurface/soil conditions.

Extensive coordination with Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) due to location of adjacent and active railroad tracks.

Implementation of several early design release packages to ensure procurement of long-lead items to meet overall project schedule constraints.

UMass Lowell – South Campus Parking Garage


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