New Jersey Realtors — New Headquarters Building, Trenton, NJ

Looking to accommodate their employee growth, New Jersey Realtors is constructing a new three story Headquarters Building. This building will provide accommodations primarily for office functions, along with support and conference space for departmental needs on the second and third floors. The interior office space will be constructed in a practical, efficient and flexible manner with full maximization of daylight direct and borrowed. The ground floor will provide retail and office rental space.

The exterior of the building will consist of a combination of brick, precast and glass curtain-wall with vision and spandrel glass. A portion of the building’s roof will be a terrace designed for regular access by staff and visitors.


Size:  22,000 square feet

Schedule:  12 months

Contract Type:  Construction Manager-at-Risk

Owner:  New Jersey Association of Realtors

Architect:  Clarke Caton Hintz

Sustainability:  Pursuing LEED Certification